Sepintas Lalu

Name :Hairul Amirin Mohmad Aidi
Nick Name :Mirin/Amer
Birthdate :13 Apr 1994
Birthplace :Klang, Selangor
Current Location :Klang-Segamat-Klang
Eye Color :Black
Hair Color :Black
Height :taktinggi takrendah
Weight :57 kot.. berat kan ?
Piercings :No/Never
Tatoos :No/Never
Boyfriend/Girlfriend :No
Vehicle :No
Overused Phrase :Hmmm
Food :Speghetti, NasiLemak
Pub/Disc/Restaurant :A&W
Candy :Daim
Number :13
Color :Any
Animal :Birds
Drink :Apple/Carrot Juice
Body Part on Opposite sex :uuhhhh~
Perfume :Attar
TV Show :Betul Ke Bohong
Music Album :Ketuhanan
Movie :Mana yg best laaa ..
Actor/Actress :P.Ramlee
This or That
Pepsi or Coke :Pepsi
McDonalds or BurgerKing :McD
Chocolate or VanillaChoc
Hot Chocolate or Coffee :Teh O lagi sodappp :)
Kiss or Hug :Hug
Dog or Cat :Cat
Rap or Punk :Rap *Malique best woo!*
Summer or Winter :Winter
Scary Movies or Funny Movies :Scary
Love or Money :Love
Bedtime :Latenight
Most Missed Memory :Cium pipi Ayah&Mama
Best phyiscal feature :Rambut
First Thought Waking Up :''pukul berapa nie??''
Ambition :Most Succesfull HR Manager
Best Friends :*pandang keliling* hmmm :'(
Weakness :Pendam & Lurus
Fears :Lipas
Longest relationship :Kontrak dgn Tuhan
Cheated Your Partner :*takpernah ada pun*
Ever been beaten up :Many times
Ever beaten someone up :Sometimes . heee
Ever Shoplifted :masa jahil dulu :'(
Ever Skinny Dipped :No
Ever Kissed Opposite sex :No
Been Dumped Lately :Sometimes
Favorite Eye Color :Black/Brown/Blue
Favorite Hair Color :Black
Short or Long :Any
Height :Lebihkurang aku je laa ..
Style :Sedap Mata Memandang
Looks or Personality :Memahami/Penyabar/Penyayang
Hot or CuteCute
Muscular or Really Skinny :Medium/Smaller
What country do you want to Visit :Paris/Mekah/Madinah/Palestin
How do you want to Die :Easily and peacefully with HIS blesses
Been to the Mall Lately :Sometimes
Get along with your Parents :Hope so
Health Freak :Headache
Do you think your Attractive :No
Believe in Yourself :Setiap benda ada hikmah :)
Want to go to College :I am in a college
Do you Smoke :No/Never
Do you Drink :No/Never
Shower Daily :2/3 kali jugak laa
Been in Love :Always
Do you Sing :Sometimes *shumbang laaa*
Want to get Married :Absolutely
Do you want Children :Of course
Age you wanna lose your Virginity :Lepas akadnikah
Hate anyone :Zionist and Hypocrites
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